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Welcome to the biggest Steam “Free Weekend” promotion ever. Starting late night Thursday (actually 10 am Pacific Time), steam owners will be able to download 10 games free of cost and play them out through the coming weekend.

The list of games to choose from is pretty robust and includes the following:

  1. Awesomenauts
  2. Blade Symphony
  3. Company of Heroes 2
  4. Don’t Starve
  5. Grid 2
  6. Injustice
  7. Killing Floor
  8. Payday 2
  9. Trine 2
  10. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

That’s 10 solid games. Injustice is probably one of the best fighting games out there, surprisingly with one of the best storyline I have seen in a while.  Payday 2 is another awesome game, asking you to plan bank heists and robberies with a lot of power power.


XCOM: enemy Unknown on the other hand, is a re-invention of the tactically heavy turn based combat pitching your team of experts against hordes of aliens; and oh the game features perma-death. So if one of your team member dies in a battle, there is no reviving him. Excellent game to play for the excellent price of free.


With Grid 2 and Trine 2 also included, there is something for everyone. The only problem is that your internet connection might not allow you to download all 10 of them by the time weekend is over, let alone play them all.

My advise, download 2-3 games which were in your “get list”, check them out during this pre-Diwali weekend; and if you like what you see/play, buy the game for eternal pleasure.

Steam has also announced that all to these games will be going through a huge discount during the next few days. So if you really like what you are playing, you can just make the game yours for not too much.

Steam also announced that the games available will not be previews, but instead will be the complete experience available in fully bought copy of the game (excluding the DLC). It is to be noted though, that these games will only be available free for the weekend. So if you havent bought them, you wont be able to progress further in the game post Sunday.

Here is hoping ypou have enough bandwidth left in your Broadband account.

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