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Yesterday we had covered ‘The Vision’ which is an open dimensional game- A game in which you control time whenever you want, how much ever you want in an open world and the effects of your actions in the game world can be seen across various timelines. Sounds interesting enough, and you can find the introduction for the game here. As for further details, we asked some question to the developer who’s answers can be found below:

1. Apart from being an open dimensional, open world shooter, what else is there- as in the side missions, the population of the world etc?
There are a vast number of activities within the game, from side missions, to solving some of the worlds greatest mysterious. Throughout the game, players will find that there is more to the game than time travel, that you can stay in one time period for weeks with a world that feels alive due to the number of various animals, people and even alien life forms that fill the world to make the player feel like this is indeed a real world. Players will also find themselves taking action to the universe by finding ways to travel into space. Players will also discover that the games opens you up to new possibilities that allow for players to earn money. The game features rich and complex systems to allow for players to form crews to Break into homes, take over big business, or even start your own illegal underground businesses.
2. Which existing games would you say ‘The Vision’ is an amalgamation of?
If you wanted to compare The Vision to triple A titles, I would say that The Vision is a combination of Star Citizen, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 4, Battlefield  4, Drive Club (Due to its realism in driving modern cars, and the detailed interiors of vehicles), The Division, Mafia, Days Gone, and Watch Dogs 2.
3. So many AAA titles crammed into one game? I would like to know how it resembles Days Gone (Are there Zombies hordes) and Star Citizen (Space sim?)
And yes the game will have something close to the Days Gone zombies. And no, the game is not or will not have many features from any type of simulator, but comparing to star citizen to show how some of the things you will be able to see, do and explore in space. 🙂
4. Will the game be single player or multiplayer or both?
The Vision is currently being developed for Single Player and Multiplayer 2-4 players co-op. With this you can just imagine the things you can do with up to 3 of your friends in this massive open world game.
5. What kind of open world is in the game? Is it persistent or procedural? Is the environment destructible?
There are a lot of things in the game that will require for the world to be generated. Players will be able to change the world in large ways. One way is by releasing a virus into the human population that could cause those dead to reanimate(Also know as “zombies”) which can cause for the world to react in various ways. From in-game governments sending in armed forces to fight off and attempt to eliminate the threat, to complete destruction of the human population where cities and towns are left in ruins.
6. Will there be a deep story or is it just based on the various events?
The game has a very deep story which follows the main character, John on his journey to find the truth behind his watch and its abilities. I will talk more about the games story in my next video release.
7. Which platforms will the game be releasing on?
The Vision is a very large game and may not release to current gen consoles. And being an indie game developer, the first release of the game will be on PC platforms: Windows, Mac, and Possibly Linux
8. When can we expect to see the game in a playable state?
I will be releasing a video showing off some of the game play and user interface. I cannot say exactly when i will do so, but i will do so in my next video update once I feel comfortable with the quality of my Artwork.
So what do you guys think about the game? Do you find yourself interested? I’m excited as hell. Let us know in the comments below.
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