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Planet Nomads, the open world survival sandbox game that follows in the footsteps of an astronaut that has crash landed on an alien planet, officially launches in Early Access on Steam.

In Planet Nomads, players have crash landed on an alien planet, and must survive at all costs. Players have to manage basic needs like hunger and thirst while gathering resources to use as building material. The game promotes the construction of structures, as well as vehicles. The free-form construction allowed in the game means that players can unleash their creativity in the wildest forms possible, and design a variety of buildings and vehicles to their heart’s content.

Lots of dangers await the astronauts that seek to explore the alien planets, with an extremely hostile atmosphere, as well as the native inhabitants, who grow restless to the foreign presence on the planet. As the players progress, they unlock advanced technology that helps the players access dangerous and inaccessible places.

Interested players can check out the launch trailer below :

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