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Atlus had shocked everyone when it was announced that they were a guest at the PC Gaming Show. Atlus hasn’t made games for the PC for quite some time. However, quite a few leaks had occurred earlier where it was seen that Atlus had set up an official developer page on Steam and that the next game to join Catherine on the catalog will be Persona 4 Golden. As it happens, the leaks were true.

Persona 4 Golden was officially featured during the PC Gaming Show in a trailer. The fun fact is that the game is now available for purchase on Steam for a special price of 1039 INR. There’s also a special Persona 5 costume DLC which is available to download for free. While Persona 5 might take some time (and a lot of executive decisions) to come to the PC, you can still use the DLC to pretend you’re playing it (even though you’re not).



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