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Pathfinder: Kingmaker- ‘Beneath The Stolen Lands’ DLC And An Enhanced Edition Coming June 6

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Owlcat Games and Deep Silver announced today that the 3rd DLC of the RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Beneath The Stolen Lands, as well as an Enhanced Edition of the game, will be available starting June 6th.

In this brand new DLC, Beneath The Stolen Lands, our brave adventurers meet Golarion’s self-proclaimed protector and discover the buried secrets of Stolen Lands. In the depths of a maddening labyrinth where nothing is as it seems, they will have to defend the kingdom against one of the most dangerous opponents the world has ever seen.

Features of Beneath The Stolen Lands  

  • Explore a gigantic dungeon with a brand new group – Start your adventure in the dark depths with a group of newly created characters. Start the game in the main menu, then venture into an endless dungeon, as in a rogue-like.
  • Explore the almost endless possibilities of creating a character in Pathfinder – try different ways to optimize your tactics. Create a group of adventurers able to triumph over all the dangers!
  • Defeat is just another start! – Dying in a fight gives you additional benefits for your next attempt.
  • Unlock new items to buy over time – The number of items merchants offer you depends on your progress in the dungeon, taking into account all your attempts.
  • Access the dungeon with your main character, or wait for the invitation from the mysterious protector of Golarion – The predefined version of the dungeon is included in the main campaign, which will allow you to use your main character and his companions to conquer the Dark Depths.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Enhanced Edition

Based on the comments and suggestions of the players, the developers offer this version of the game that improves the original version: many additions enrich the game and dozens of elements will make your life easier.
But that’s not all!

This edition features a whole new character class, new skills, new items and weapons, new ways to develop your character and, of course, thousands of fixes and improvements that have been made to the game since its release. initial.

It’s always great to receive so many comments from players. This helps us to make the Pathfinder: Kingmaker experience even more pleasant and complete. With this edition, we are getting closer to the ultimate RPG gaming experience”, says Oleg Shpilchevsky, Director of Owlcat Games.

Features: Kingmaker – Enhanced Edition 

• Free upgrade for all players
• Many additions that enrich the game and dozens of items that will make your life easier
• New skills and ways to develop your character
• New class of character, the Swordlord
• New Items and Weapons
• Better Balancing, especially at the beginning and in the last two chapters of the game
• Improved Kingdom Management System, including balancing, use, and comfort for the player
• More variety in random encounters on the world map
• Thousands of fixes and game enhancements since its initial release

Pathfinder: Kingmaker allows players to explore the infamous Terres Volées, the wild and dangerous land well known to Pathfinder fans. This latest version will be an opportunity to rediscover places and characters familiar with the series, but also to offer new adventures to players. The latter will face terrifying opponents and will have to survive many twists and turns. Fans of this tabletop role-playing game will discover a new way to explore their epic universe, and RPG fans will experience a new way to envision their favorite genre.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker challenges players not only as adventurers, but also as leaders. They will explore territories to conquer them and build their own kingdom. The foundation of a kingdom will not be limited to the construction of a fortress, but will reflect the character and choices of the hero throughout the game. Each kingdom is a dynamic game element, defined by an alignment, choices, allies and the hero’s abilities to guide his people.

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