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ARK : Survival Evolved is a game which is continuously patched and revamped with new content, besides fixing bugs, errors and glitches that creep into the game from time. The player base have already seen the content delivered over time in regular patches grow, and now they have reached a milestone : with the new patch, Studio Wildcard would have added 100 creatures to the game for the players to fight against and survive.

Patch v258 adds five new creatures – Hyaenodon, Megatherium, Megalania ,Hesperornis, and Yutyrannus. The patch also adds a new way to travel in the form of a gas-powered motorboat – gliding through the ocean has never been easier, especially as one gets to evade the hungry creatures of the deep safely! Also, one of the biggest additions of the patch is a new structure in the form a toilet! Survivor evolution has led to them caring about sanitation and hygiene, which led to the creation of the toilet. The use of the toilet to poop grants a special “refreshment” bonus to the player. This patch also addresses a larger problem of optimization that ARK : Survival Evolved suffers from, in the form of “memory reductions, texture memory and mesh optimization”. The patch also adds two new hairstyles and expands the achievement set, which also unlocks cosmetics on being completed.

The game also gets the biggest possible discount, 68% off Steam Retail Price for the original game and 71% off Steam Retail Price for the game with the Scorched Earth expansion. Those who aren’t already fending off dinos in the ARK, it’s the best time to get into the game, and build a tribe that stands the test of time.

Interested folks can check out the patch trailer here :

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