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Developer Techland is adding 250 Legendary levels to Dying Light to help you level up your characters further. Legendary levels, which is a new skill tree comes with 250 perks and is accessible after maxing out one of the three existing skill trees in the game.

These 250 new levels allow us to increase things like health, stamina, damage and XP. Meanwhile on every 25 levels you’ll be able unlock new outfits, weapons, gears, player emblems and most importantly skills. The new skill tree is clearly aimed at players looking for end-game content, who have probably maxed out all their skills already.

The new skill tree is a great opportunity for all Dying Light fans to brush up on their year old survival skills; as TechLand prepares for another round of content in Feburary.

Lead Game Designer Maciej Binkowski mirrored our opinion when he said:

We listen closely to our community and hear many voices that people who did every single thing in Dying Light want more. Legendary Levels are one of the ways in which we’re making the post-game content more meaty. We’re adding 250 additional levels, so you can keep on developing your character while unlocking new weapons, outfits, emblems, and skills. It means massive replay ability.

Come Feburary, fans of zombie survival horror can also look forward to ‘Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition’. The edition will contain the full Dying Light game with all its DLC, plus the new stand-alone expansion pack named ‘Dying Light: The Following’. All season pass owners of Dying Light will also have access to the expansion for free. The Following will also be available for individual purchases if that’s what you are into.


The Following will introduce a new story campaign, controllable vehicles, and a new map, the size of which is the same as all the previous maps from Dying Light combined. It is set to be released on February 9, 2016.

To get the latest news revolving on how to survive Dying Light, stay tuned with us.

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