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There are moments in life when people find themselves in need of a vacation. There are also moments when they search for ways to relax while discovering something meaningful that has the ability to bring about a change in their life. Paradise Marsh is that refreshing and enlightening change in life. It’s a cozy effort to put you in a place where you learn that every small step you take, and every small effort you make can add up to create something great and glorious in the grand scheme of things. It’s a journey towards finding beauty, in and around oneself.

Paradise Marsh made its way to the Nintendo Switch consoles on October 13th, 2022. It is also available on Xbox and Steam.

Realigning the Stars

The game begins with players finding themselves stranded in an odd marsh, with nothing but an insect net and a strange book, oblivious to their own identity. Every direction they move towards, repeats the same patterns. Isolation all around as they tread across familiar topography, feeling like they’re trapped in a maze, going in circles endlessly.

The eerie monotony of loneliness is only broken by the croaks, hums, and buzz of the little creatures all around. And soon, the players realize that their company is far more valuable than it initially appears. Each of these creatures is revealed to be a star. And on reuniting with more of their kind, these creatures come together to light up the night sky by forming beautiful constellations.

Skipping around the grasslands, snowy stretches, and flowery gardens, and sneaking around the bushes, the trees, and the lakes- the players start their adventure. Despite the deep philosophy and eventual message of this game, it has relatively simple mechanics.

The players are meant to carefully sneak up behind the creatures and catch them using their insect net. Each creature has its probable locations, time of the sighting, and degree of alertness that can help determine the best strategy for capturing them. This is where the book comes into play. It can help identify where, how, and when to attempt to capture different creatures.

All Ears to the Fauna 

Each time the player captures one, the creatures-turned-stars deliver unique monologues which can help one explore the variety of personalities that they have. From the butterfly being a hopeless romantic to the spider’s condescension, these personalities stretch right to the end. However, the stars aren’t the only interactive feature of this game. Players can interact with birds, logs, fireplaces, flower seeds, and snowmen. Along the way, players stumble across bottles with letters expressing the panic of being lost along their way.

Players can also consume the mushrooms and other fruits to gain temporary strengths such as super speed in water and high jumping.

Paradise Marsh does a fairly good job of increasing the anticipation and then calming it down with tranquility in the beauty of the stars and the light humor of their monologues.

This game has a peaceful undertone, as well as a sweet message and idea. However, it can be considered underwhelming by players who treat it like a challenge, rather than a peaceful way to learn some important messages.

The Verdict 

Overall, though this 2 to 3-hour-long journey is a tribute to uniqueness, it might not be for everyone due to falling short of making the player feel evenly rewarded for their efforts.

Paradise Marsh is certainly not a game that should be rushed. It is something that players should allow to immerse them emotionally by indulging in the stories and secrets of the stars more than the quest to quickly catch them all. This game, as its theme suggested, is more about the journey than the destination.

In conclusion, one can say- Paradise Marsh truly helps a player find Paradise amid a Marsh.

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