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Capcom has finally revealed the latest sales figures to the public. Monster Hunter World has been Capcom’s biggest performer since it launched in 2018. Thanks to Capcom’s financial report MHW has sold 16 million units, up from the 15 million units shipped that were reported in January while expanding Iceborne reached 5.8 million.

Resident Evil 3 has reached a total of 2.7 million copies so far with the series at an altitude of 103 million. Have a look at the Capcom cumulative unit sales:

  • Resident Evil Series: 103 million units
  • Monster Hunter Series: 64 million units
  • Street Fighter Series: 45 million units
  • Mega Man Series: 36 million units
  • Devil May Cry Series: 22 million units
  • Dead Rising Series: 14 million units
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