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 Miasma Caves, the pacifist roguelike from Windy Games, is launching into Steam Early Access today.

Brave adventurers can now join Lesath on exciting treasure hunts through procedurally generated and fully destructible caverns. The mysterious Miasma Caves await to be explored and are filled to the brim with rare treasures, new gear, adorable critters, and precursor technology from lost civilizations.

As a lover of history and discovery, Lesath uses her skills and wisdom to find new treasure and learn more about their past. The more loot Lesath finds, the more she’ll understand about each type of treasure. Lore and humorous stories will be uncovered as she improves her understanding of natural treasure, equipment, artifacts, and more. Lesath’s bartering will also improve as she becomes more knowledgeable about her findings and understands their worth.

The caves are free of monsters and combat, but treacherous environmental dangers await at every corner. Lesath’s vitality will slowly deplete as she treks through the miasma and looming cave-ins will induce high amounts of damage. All items and treasure will be dropped if she falls, making each journey a risky endeavor. Lesath must utilize climbing ropes, waymarkers, and other essential equipment to ensure a safe journey back into town where she can be rewarded for a successful hunt by selling treasures, conversing with townsfolk, buying equipment, and upgrading the village.

Miasma Caves Key Features:

  • Explore procedurally generated and fully destructible caverns on exciting treasure hunts
  • Avoid treacherous environmental dangers such as cave-ins, pitfalls, and more
  • Collect and complete a catalog of more than 150 diverse treasures
  • Improve Lesath’s knowledge by appraising treasure to uncover new lore, humorous stories, and the mysteries of the caves
  • Find and equip new gear that aid in future treasure hunts
  • Spend earned gold on equipment or upgrade the village to receive new purchasable items and better selling prices

“Exploration and discovery are the most exciting aspects in gaming to our team; Miasma Caves aims to bring that blissful feeling of randomized adventures into a full experience,” says Adam Michaan, founder of Windy Games. “By leveling up knowledge instead of strength and dealing with environmental dangers instead of monsters, we’re developing a new take on the popular roguelike genre.”

Miasma Caves is now available on Steam Early Access for $19.99. As development continues through Early Access, Windy Games will periodically update Miasma Caves with new equipment, treasures, critters, townsfolk, and more.

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