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If you’re one of the folks bored of playing on the existing maps, and want some spice in the your games for a change, then arrangement was done just for you folks! Yeah,right, a new map is here, for the enjoyment of one and all.

Blizzard has shown off the map in a brief video. The map,called Junkertown, leads straight into the heart of Australia, the very home of Junkrat and Roadhog! The map will be an Escort map, where the attacking team will have to deliver the payload to a location, and the defending team has to stop them. Junkertown, the home of the mercenaries who fight only for gold, not caring about morals or sides. Junkrat introduces the map in a comic manner, where we see possible new skins for Junkrat and Roadhog. Junkrat’s plan to greatness lies in a great heist, but he and Roadhog are denied entry into Junkertown after the big heist. Meanwhile, Talon’s doctrine sounds throughout Junkertown in the map announcement, where the resident mercenaries are asked to stand up against the “machines”.

The trailers can be seen here :


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