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Overkill Software’s The Walking Dead was one big, shambling mess. There’s no denying that. The poor reception and performance of the game added to the publisher, Starbreeze Studios going on the verge bankruptcy.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead ironically is a shambling corpse ready to fall down at any given moment. The game, which launched early in November 2018, only earned Starbreeze $3.7 million in Q4 2018, which marks a substantial 20% reduction over Q4 2017. Similarly, the company’s pre-tax loss was a whopping $135 billion, which compares unfavourably to 2017’s $7.3 million. Curiously enough, 2013’s Payday 2 earned them $2.2 million in that same period. That’s got to hurt.

Starbreeze’s acting CEO Mikael Nermark said that “we will come through this period in a good way and emerge stronger from the transformation. I feel confident about the strategic route we have taken. Going forward, we will focus on the core business: game development and publishing.”

At least he’s optimistic. Here’s hoping that they come off this rainy period filled with raids and reconstruction with little to no damages.

Credit: Game Watcher

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