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If you purchased any EA game back in the day, you will remember the hassle when EA decided to launch a platform for selling their own games. In order to woo people to use the new platform, titled Origin, one of the most useful features was “On the House”, an area where classic EA titles were made free for the users. After logging in to Origin after years, the most strikingly noticeable feature was the absence of the aforementioned “On the House” area.

This could come as a bummer to most users of the platform, who stayed on Origin thanks to EA making their older titles free for everyone who redeems it in a specific time period. The absence of the “On the House” feature might mean that people will jump ship off the platform and to other platforms like Steam and GOG.

There are rumors afloat on Reddit that the move was apparently to promote Origin Access Premier, the subscription service announced by EA during E3 2018. The service offers free access to all EA games for a specific period of time, Early Access to several AAA titles before their official launch, as well as discounts on all Origin store purchases.

There hasn’t been an official statement regarding the sudden absence of “On the House” on the Origin client from EA. However, an official verification done by our staff members proves that the rumors about the disappearance are indeed true.


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