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The third year for Rainbow Six : Siege is in full swing, and the second DLC for the year has already been announced!

The new operation, called Operation Para Bellum, is rumored to be set in Italy, and adds two new operators, both defenders. The new operation will also add a new map for competitive play, making the map pool diverse, giving players lots of options when it comes to grinding out ranks in competitive.

A host of competitive changes will also be made to make the game’s competitive aspects more interesting. This include the “Pick and Ban” system, where players pick their operator while banning one character for the opponent team. This forces players to develop skill in playing all operators, while adding a new competitive side to gameplay when it comes to countering the opponent’s choices besides making the correct ones regarding the operator chosen for play.

Changes to game mechanics, like changes to drop-shotting, as well as introduction of a new defusion animation, suggests that Ubisoft is serious about keeping the metagame fresh for players.

All changes will be revealed on May 19-20 during the Pro League finals on the official Rainbow Six : Siege Twitch stream.

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