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UPDATE: Like all good things in life, this too, has been proven to be fake On October 2019, Sony updated the page with the “PS4 Pro Enhanced” but it didn’t have any tags at all before that.

Sony has announced recently that they are more open to allowing ports of exclusives to come to the PC. Herman Hulst, head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, had mentioned that more (though not all) first-party exclusives might be making their way to the PC. Horizon Zero Dawn was the first such game to be announced for the PC, and now it seems God of War might be following in its steps.

God of War no longer sports the “Only on PlayStation” tag on its official PlayStation page. A direct comparison can be made with other games like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Bloodborne and Days Gone on their official pages – each of them still has the “Only on PlayStation” mark, indicating that they are still exclusives for the PlayStation consoles.

Most other regions (apart from the US) still list it as a PlayStation exclusive, so it might just be an error on Sony’s end and nothing much to worry about. The alternative is much more exciting to ponder about, which indicate that just like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War might soon be heading for the PC. Director Cory Balrog had mentioned that he would ‘love’ to port it to the PC – the lack of an outright dismissal leaves more room for speculation.

Note that Death Stranding had a similar case last year when the ‘Only on PlayStation’ tag was removed from its PlayStation page. If there’s anything to learn from it, God of War is going through the same path. Like all rumors, this should be taken with a pinch of salt till an official confirmation comes through.

Thanks, DualShockers.

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