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Fall Damage Studio today announced the launch of its turn-based Action Strategy game BATALJ on PC.

BATALJ is a fierce online turn-based action strategy game where you face other players in one vs one battle with your own custom-built squad. Players will have access to 9 different heroes and 54 units, all of which provide a huge number of different tactical options and millions of different squad variations for players to experiment with. Squads can be created from one of three available factions, the scavenging and nomadic Rusters, the machine integrated Re-Linked or the genetically enhanced Splicers, all offering a broad range of offensive and defensive capabilities in combat.

Cunning tactics and quick decision making are essential to gaining an edge as players battle for control with their distinctive, custom built squads.

“At Fall Damage Studio we set out to make BATALJ a truly unique addition to the turn based genre, providing almost limitless options to face opponents with fast tactical gameplay” Said Anders Gyllenberg, CEO at Fall Damage Studio.

The simultaneous turn-based nature of BATALJ means that there’s very little downtime between turns, providing players with a fast-paced strategy game as they attempt to outwit each other with a combination of units and heroes in the ultimate turn-based head to head experience.

Players will need to develop reactionary tactical solutions across a variety of maps as they go up against a myriad of different opponent unit configurations in the battle for vital control points on the battle map.


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