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Wartales, the medieval open-world tactical RPG from developer and publisher Shiro Unlimited, stealthily slips into its 1.0 launch on PCs via Steam today with a warband worth of new content. Throughout its time in Early Access, the game has sold more than 400,000 copies and enjoys a highly impressive 90% positive review score on Steam derived from over 9,000 positive reviews to date.

Fearsome notoriety and a dangerous reputation are the ultimate forms of currency in the lands of Wartales – along with immense piles of gold. Explore a new region debuting at 1.0 settled amongst the highest peaks, the Kingdom of Alazar, waiting for inquisitive adventurers to arrive and uncover the vexing force that lies within.
Trek through snow-capped mountains and icy fields to uncover the truth of The Wrath of the Eye. This curse has befallen the great land of Drombach, unleashing a horrific power. Survey this unknown territory with reworked factions of highly armored Alazarian soldiers as well as the battle-ready Inquisition, ready to face down determined foes in the frigid expanse.
Honor be damned on this journey through a post-plague world, fraught with ruthless mercenaries with a never-ending taste for greed. Recruit capable companions then obtain and upgrade equipment for each member’s distinctive skill set. Execute deadly strategies to take down grisly enemies in dynamic turn-based combat and emerge victorious.
“Since the beginning of early access, every decision behind the game has been made with one idea in mind: to allow the player to do what they want to do and how they want to do it,” said Quentin Lapeyre, Game Director, Shiro Games. “We have gone to great lengths to cultivate this alongside our community. Making decisions with the player firmly in mind has allowed us to make Wartales what it is today. We are excited and proud to see Wartales leave Early Access and begin a brand new journey with our passionate and caring community by our side. Today marks the official release of the game that we have been refining over the course of an incredibly productive Early Access period. We can’t overstate how excited we are for our players to finally discover (or rediscover) the full experience as we’ve envisioned it since development began over 3 years ago.”
Wartales’ full 1.0 version also features:
  • Polished graphics
  • New arenas, rouste fields, and battlemaps
  • New ruins, forsaken villages, and secrets
  • More character customisation options
  • Additional balancing, skills, and specializations
Wartales is available now on Windows PC via Steam with English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Portuguese language support.
New recruits will be able to begin the adventure out of Early Access on Steam for $34.99 USD
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