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The Oculus Quest was one of the most prominent VR headsets to rule in an era that marked the entry of VR as a technology in the market. It seems the next generation of VR headsets is already here, with Facebook gearing up for an Oculus Quest 2 announcement. Sadly, the same announcement has been leaked prematurely and all details are now out in the open.

A Youtube trailer for the announcement has been leaked, which shows the Quest 2 in its full glory. It seems to come with quite some hefty specifications out-of-the-box – sporting 6 GB of RAM as well as 256 GB of storage, and powered by the Snapdragon XR2 processor. The generational leap makes it possible to render 2K resolutions without a sweat – almost a 50% bump over the Quest. Oh, and yes, the biggest feature of them – the Quest 2 is fully compatible with all games made for the Quest! Obviously, it’s also a significant bump over the Oculus Rift S which was announced last year at GDC – making it a self-sufficient VR headset.

The leak was included on the Facebook blueprint website with a trailer, though it now has been removed. The leaked trailer is now available on Youtube for everyone to grasp how unaffordable VR really is….err….how good the Oculus Quest 2 really is.

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