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NVIDIA’s RTX series’ launch was surrounded by a lot of controversies given the fact that there was almost no mention about the actual in-game performance of the said cards at launch. Gamers all around the world were eagerly waiting for the benchmarks to arrive, and it seems like they don’t have to wait any longer.

The first leak comes from Futuremark 3Dmark database and is no longer available on the website, but we have a got a screenshot of the same (thanks to WCCftech).To no suprise, it performs significantly better than the 1080 Ti. As per the leaked benchmarks, the graphics card scored 10,147 points and 10,659 graphics points. The core clock and memory clocks were locked to 7000 Mhz, and 1875 respectively; which seems like the standard for TU104 based GPUs . These results are significantly faster than the GTX 1080 Ti and Titan Xp, and we may expect much better performance once the cards are overclocked. In the 3DMark Timespy benchmark, it gets a score of around 27000 which is again better than the 1080 Ti.

The second set of benchmarks comes from videocardz.com, and they are “‘official” benchmarks as per the “Reviewers Guide” according to them. This set of benchmarks gives  a better insight into the upcoming cards. Let’s have a deeper look into them.

Firstly,we have the 3dMark Time Spy Extreme benchmarks. According to the scores mentioned in the graph, the 2080 Ti is around 47% faster than the 1080 Ti, and the 2080 is 50% faster than the 1080. It is important to note that Time Spy is built around DX12, so this set of benchmarks reflects the same.

Secondly, we have a large number of game benchmarks which give us some more promising numbers. In almost all games, we see that the RTX series has a quite significant advantage over the previous generation, and the 2080 Ti is able to achieve “4K 60 FPS” in ALL games including PUBG (yes, PUBG), except Shadow of the Tomb Raider where it manages just 1 frame short of 60.

The benchmarks do seem to be quite promising given the fact that these are WITHOUT DLSS, and the GPUs will definitely perform better once they utilise DLSS as well. We will be able to know more about the cards once reviews are out, and given the fact that launch is only a few days away, it shouldn’t be long before we get some deeper insight about the latest GPUs.

  1. That’s cool and all but my xbox one X gets 60fps at 4K and it only costs what, $500 for the whole system? how much does this card cost alone?

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