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Recently Nvidia revealed the GTX 1060 3GB version in a Chinese Press conference which we had covered here. It seems that the specs of GTX 1050 have been revealed as well, which is rumored to release in late 2016, probably after October.

It seems that the leak has come from a Chinese site yet again, BenchLife, who have compared it to the previous gen’s GTX 950.

GTX 1050 GTX 950
Code Name GP-107 400 GM206
CUDA Cores 768 768
Memory Bandwidth(GB/s) 112.1 105.6
TDP 75W 90W

The die size is 16 nm just like the other cards of this generation and the Texture Fill Rate has almost doubled for the GTX 1050 at about 84.2 GTexels/s. Memory clock is at 7 GBps compared to GTX 950’s 6.6 GBps.

It is surprising that the GTX 1060’s lower version has 3 GB and the GTX 1050 has 4 GB, I am not sure what Nvidia’s marketing strategies are, but this will become clear in the upcoming months.

Price and availability wise, the card is rumored to be at 149$, but we can expect after market cards to go up to 180$ and this card will supposedly be the competitor to the AMD RX 460/470 which are very good for current gen games, and are priced in a similar range. What do you guys think about the GTX 1050? Let us know in the comments below.

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