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A new NVIDIA graphics card, the GTX 1050 3GB, has been spotted on the main GeForce website. The newer version of the GTX 1050 has an extra 1 GB of VRAM, as compared to the current generation GTX 1050’s retailing in the market. The GPU also has 768 CUDA cores, equivalent in number to the GTX 1050 Ti, but seems to be severely constrained in the memory bandwidth, which is a mere 84 GB/s, with a memory interface width of 96 bits, which is lesser than even what the current generation GTX 1050 has to offer.

This is seemingly the last GTX 10 GPU before the launch of the new GPUs in July. However, launching a slightly rehashed version of their own GPU, especially the low tier ones, may indicate that a launch of the budget range of GPUs with the new Turing architecture might be a bit far off.

The GTX 1050 3GB seems to be a GPU which is good for casual users, and for whom image quality doesn’t matter that much. What remains to be seen, is the actual impact of the launch of the 1050 3GB in the market.

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