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Keep the environment balanced in Natural Instincts – an open-world, educational sim game

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Protect animals from natural and human-made hazards. Save them, or let them be eaten by the predators. Decide on their fates when it comes to interacting with the herd or with potential partners. Make sure they don’t end up on the other side of a poacher’s gun or suffer the consequences of contaminated rivers, oceans, or lakes. With unlimited power over nature, you are the one responsible for restoring and maintaining stability in the wild.

Natural Instincts is an educational simulator that offers the player an open world and the ability to manage the actions of different animals. Protect the species and save them from harm – either from human threats or natural predators. Give commands to the animals, observe their rituals, and help them survive. Face various disasters, react to encroaching human presence, and help the animal kingdom flourish in this unique, environmental experience!

Ensure the animals’ safety
In Natural Instincts, your task is to protect the animals from the dangers of the modern world. Help the animals by giving them different kinds of guidance. Show them how to find food, water, and shelter. Help the animals breed and keep them away from harm.

Explore different surroundings
Play in one of six distinct environments, each being unique in terms of weather, plants, and animals which inhabit them. Every ecosystem is different and will confront you with new challenges and missions. Guide the wolves in European forests, save the penguins in Antarctica or command the lions in the African Savannah – each biome is a completely fresh adventure to explore!

Show them how to survive
Use your powers to teach the animals how to avoid threats. Direct them away from streets and dangerous speeding cars. Have them run away from hunters and save them from natural disasters. The animals will learn based on your actions – command them wisely, as the ecosystem’s balance is fragile. Do not let them go extinct!

They need your help
During gameplay, you will face several events – save the animals from human interference, and disasters such as fires or droughts. You can lead the animals to extinction or bring balance and multiply their populations. It all depends on you!

Watch their rituals
Different animals embody differently characterized behaviors. We can observe them during mating, eating, and hunting. Observe their lifestyles and react accordingly when you notice something suspicious.

Natural Instincts is currently under development. The release date of the game will be announced shortly. More information about the game can be found on the game’s SteamFacebookDiscord, and Twitter profiles.

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