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Today marks the end of Operation Hydra, one of the best DLCs to be added to the game in Counter Strike : Global Offensive history. An update marks its end, and adds some long-needed matchmaking changes to the game, which might not be enough to tackle the hacker menace fully, but it is a step in the right direction to get back the player base it once boasted of.

Wingman events will now be available permanently for players to participate in. Wingman matchmaking will feature popular community maps in the Wingman group selected by the community, with matchmaking being decided by a additional matchmaking rank called the Wingman rank, just as it was done during Operation Hydra. War games are being retained as a separate game mode too, and you will be able to play in all the war games, including the most popular mode – Flying Scoutsman!

The competitive match pool also features a decent number of changes. Agency is being added to the competitive match pool, and some maps like Vertigo, Aztec,Militia as well a few others are being removed, as they were played by very few players. Over time,new or updated and more promising maps will enter the map pool, and lesser played maps will be phased out. “Map rotation” will be an interesting concept never seen before in the history of Counter Strike : Global Offensive.

Casual matchmaking will now have added features to make sure everyone’s vote counts when it comes to choosing the next map. Maps now have been distributed into groups based on overall play time. Some of the least played maps have been removed from the pool, while some of the newer maps have been added, including Austria, Shipped, Agency, and Insertion. Like the competitive match pool, the casual match pool will be updated over time.

The update now adds a “trust factor” for dealing with cheaters,where reports on their account for cheating in Counter Strike : Global Offensive, time spent playing other games on the same account, time spent playing Counter Strike : Global Offensive, etc. will be taken into account while finding a match. In other words, if you’re a suspected hacker, you will get suspected hackers in opponents.Play clean, and your opponents will be clean too. This is one of the best moves at tackling the Counter Strike : Global Offensive hacker menace, and might be the reason for quite a few players to return.

Read the entire patch notes here :


Read the implemented game changes here :




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