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Quantum Break is a household name in many parts of the Xbox World. Being one of the most anticipated games of the Xbox One as well as 2016, it is shouldering quite the responsibility of helping Xbox climb up in the gaming market, though it is coming out for the PC as well. Releasing next week, this game, according to me, has been hyped up too much.

From all the gameplay that has been shown till now, there is nothing intuitive about it. All the elements of the gameplay have been taken from already existing titles. The story might be great, the visuals might be great, (Stressing on might) but the gameplay is simply not innovative. Max Payne 1 and 2 were made by Remedy, where they had introduced a gameplay mechanic which went by the name Bullet-time. Quantum Break has a similar mechanic, except for the fact that in this case you move within normal time constrictions. One can say that this mechanic works in the way the Sands in Prince of Persia worked, ie, slowing the time down, or in some cases almost stopping time itself.


For me personally, gameplay is one of the major criteria for the game to be fun. Maybe if the story is good, I might just like it, and according to me the story will have to be decent because there will be an associated TV series of the game and each will dictate the actions taken in their counterpart. Remedy is known to make atmospheric games and I expect this to be no less so, and will wait till the game releases, but to say the least, I’m not as excited as many of the people out there.

So are you excited for Quantum Break? Whatever your answer is, let us know in the comments below. Quantum Break releases on 5th April for PC and Xbox One.

  1. Don’t you play games? What the fuck you mean it’s gameplay is simple? It is a damn good game! Everything looks perfect….you are seriously a noob bro 🙂

    1. He said the gameplay is not innovative and as a matter of fact i think the same thing as well , its just stopping time shooting people.And for that everything looks perfect part , graphics is the last thing that factors into a game , thats why so many people still love mgs 1 or the original wolfenstein.You are the noob in this comment section.

    2. I’m worried about the replay value (other than seeing different parts of the TV show) & does anybody know how long an average campaign run is?

      1. There are I guess 4 episodes, 20 minutes each. And the whole combination will provide 20 hours according to my estimate

  2. The game looks good but what about replay value? I’ve watched so much of this game footage I’m almost bored of it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about the game and as a Xbox one owner I won’t be picking up this title until its on sale in two months.

      1. Awesome, so different choices different gameplay options. Didn’t know that so thanks, seems more appealing now, maybe grab it sooner than later.

  3. Totally agree looks very average and watching a 20min tv show in the middle of playing the game is stupid Imo
    Wouldn’t I just watch Netflix if I wanted to watch a tv show?
    I like playing games not watching a tv show

    1. It’s just like watching long unskippable cutscenes. Why can’t every developer think like CDPR or Bethesda (Though they did disappoint a bit with FO4)

      1. The live-action stuff is skippable, your choice whether or not you want to watch it. You can skip the cutscenes, you would miss out only on the villains perspective while still being coherent for the protagonist’s perspective.

        1. Then what’s the point of puting them. We are gamers, not TV show viewers. Hope that no other game in the future has such things added in games.

          1. A lot of people skip the in-game cutscenes in Uncharted to get back to playing the game. Why have them there? It’s optional. If someone wants to know more about the antagonist of QB, they can learn, otherwise they can skip. In the same regard, if someone wanted to know more about the Uncharted story, they can learn, but if not, they can choose to skip the cutscenes.

            I believe you are smart enough to know what you like, and skip what you don’t want to experience, no one is forcing you to watch the live-action episodes. It’s world building for people who want to know more about the world, in the same way there are documents and easter eggs spread across the game, you don’t have to go look for them, but if you want to learn more about the world, they are there for you to find, but you don’t have to. How is that hard to understand?

  4. What are you looking forward to? Other anticipated games are Uncharted 4 and Tomb Raider later this year on PS4, both of which can be simplified as generic TPS as well, perhaps even more so than QB

    1. I’m looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077, No Man’s Sky, Star Citizen and a plethora of other games that are not from big developers. Though I have Scalebound and Horizon: Zero Dawn as far as big developers are concerned

      1. What has you interested about Horizon Zero Dawn? Gameplay seems similar to Tomb Raider, just a different setting.

        1. Setting is very unique and not seen in previous games. Also the gameplay is almost same. The part where she shoots arrows that tie down a T-rex to the ground does seem like an interesting mechanic. Hope they have more uses of it in further gameplay.

  5. what GENERIC reasoning! i HATE stupid reaosns like this which can be copied and pasted to ANY game in ANY genre! -__-

      1. I think any game can be simplified as not being innovative when you boil it down. Uncharted is regarded highly for it’s story while not being innovative. If you look for games to just be innovative in order for you to play them, you will be disappointed by a majority of games. One of the games the author is looking forward to is Horizon Zero Dawn. Why? The gameplay seems exactly like Tomb Raider, even less “innovative” than Quantum Break, as QB’s gameplay doesn’t exist in many other games, whereas that of Tomb Raider does. As for innovation itself, the fact that they are merging TV and games hasn’t been done to this degree before, that seems pretty innovative (on it being good, only time will tell after its in the users hands)

        It’s the author’s job to convey good reasons for the game not deserving hype, as it stands the article doesn’t reflect very good reasons since the reasons he mentioned could also be applied to games that he is anticipating.

        1. You are right about the part that games can be boiled down to very simple, non-innovative aspects, but you must have noticed that I put Horizon at the last of my list, the reason being that even though the gameplay is similar, I found some aspects of the game new. A prehistoric-futuristic combined settings is found in very few games. Also I mentioned Scalebound, which is for most part a hack’n slash (Again the same thing as God of War or DMC), but having an open world and a dragon who fights alongside you is just another feeling altogether. I have my own reasons to think that the game will not appeal to me, but those who are looking forward to buy it, won’t waver if I were to tell them.
          Its’ just the what happened with BatmanvSuperman. The critics had bashed the movie but it still was a huge success, because people don’t care about the critics, they will do what they want.

      2. -The fear of how awful the live adaptation could be.
        -How much the live cutscene portions could completely ruin the pacing of the game.
        -How ‘choice’ might not impact the game’s narrative as much as it has been shown off to be thus DRASTICALLY limiting the replayability.
        -The games performance issues might rear up and not be as optimised as it should.
        -The game actually being boring
        -having a terrible story
        -The cutscenes being too much of the bulk of the story.. It pulling you out of the game FAR too often.
        -The bland/dreary looking colour scheme of the game

        And these were purely off the top of my head! -___-

        1. This is supposed to be a preview, not a review. Performance issues, the game actually being boring, terrible story and almost every single one of your points only applies when the game releases and when people have played the game. This is a speculation and preview to the game, so we can’t say about any problems that the game will actually face. Sorry, but your points are clearly invalid for the above article.

          1. i know whats the difference between a review and a preview!

            The point is YOU CAN STILL HAVE THESE FEARS NOW!! They will either be confirmed or put to rest when the game releases! -__- Surely you can see that..?

            every point i have made have come from the gameplay videos shown.. IGN-Gamespot- Digital Foundry performance analysis.. Like this ISN’T hard to find seems there such a big push for this game.

            So not to be too rude but if you can not to see this and how my comment IS valid then you are plain and simply too stupid or simply not willing to see my point because you wish to be right.

          2. Again HAVING FEARS is not my concern. These days, a port being bad is common occurrence. Now if the game isn’t good from the aspects you have mentioned, then it’s a developer’s screw up. I just pointed out one of the flaws that I feel the game has. The reviews are out and apparently I was right about the gameplay. Any good gaming site you look up, they have mentioned “The gameplay may not be exceptional, but it is shown with utter beauty” or something on the same lines. Also you will also read that the game becomes a little too repetitive. Innovation is a very big aspect missing from AAA games these days and Quantum Break proves it. Hope that better games make it to the gaming libraries. Cheers.

          3. you DO realise that this article is “Why im not excited about Quantum Break” right..? lool lik you DO realise this yes..!? because if this isnt an article where you could explain fears and reasons why someone is not ‘excited for Quantum Break’ then i guess MY BAD! lool come on man pay attention!

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