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Despite of its opaque user-interface which down right sucks. Some technical issues and not so cool graphics.Fallout 4 is my favorite game this year. It still able to provide great gameplay and keep you engaged within its rich world which is sometimes strange and sometimes beautiful.


The game’s Massachusetts area called as The Commonwealth, is filled with mystery, danger and rich in activity and detail. We have friends-and-enemies to make, settlements to build, weapons and armors to craft, electricity to produce and what not!!! It follows classic tone of previous Fallouts with each cut-scene punctuated with black humor.

And due to its various stories that happened everywhere in the Wasteland, you’ll find yourself curious drawn to its easter eggs, and new pastures alike. This impressive apocalyptic tourism, makes Fallout 4 a game to fall in love with. (hurry up and grab your own copy of it )

If you disagree with me (really?), and you think either Witcher 3 or Arkham Knight is the real GOTY 2015 then you should read Pratyush and Ayush’s take on those games respectively. If that doesn’t float your boat either, check out our list of Must-Play games of 2015, and see if your game made the cut. If all else fails, why not let us know in the comments, why we are so wrong.

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