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Witcher 3!!! It’s like whenever the topic of games comes up Witcher 3 comes out involuntarily from my mouth. Easily surpassing any game that I’ve played till date. While playing it, I’m so engrossed in the story and overall the game that I forget to notice any of it’s shortcomings. Not to say it has any.


Having invested 200 or more hours in the game, 50 of which after the main campaign, it is definitely one of the most engaging games I’ve played. I will not be wasting my breath on talking about it’s great gameplay, story, detailing and graphics because those are pre-requisites for any GOTY.  What makes it different from other RPGs and other games in general? You ask. And the answer is EVERYTHING. Not the least of which is the impact of the your decisions throughout the game, not only on the main story but to the overall game world as well. The combat is more fleshed out than the previous entries of the franchise and way more streamlined.

The game’s ability to make you think over your morals is very intuitive and makes the experience even more immersive. Another prominent aspect about the game is it’s beauty. The game makes you stop at certain points such as sunsets over the sea or a full moon or even the little things like the tress waving with the wind. You just can’t ignore the allure of the environment.

And let’s not forget the 16 free DLCs, the game being provided in a DRM free version and a paid expansion of about INR 369 which provided more campaign hours than most games at full price do. I can keep going about this game but the article will become too long. SO keeping it concise, CD Projekt Red has definitely placed the franchise as well as itself in a verse very few games and developers can reach.

If Witcher 3 is not GOTY 2015, then I riot.

I am pretty sure I have you convinced, but to be fair I need to give Ayush a chance to defend Arkham Knight, and Saurabh a chance to defend Fallout 4. So be a nice kitty and check them out. Be sure to tell them how wrong they are and how right I am in the comments. And once you are done, go check out the Must Play Games of 2015, which we have painfully created for you. Until then Happy Witching.

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