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Arkham Knight isn’t my pick for GOTY 2015 because you get to play BATMAN. Not because you get to drive Batmobile across the streets of Gotham. Not because I enjoyed myself kicking the butts of rogues like Two-Face, Penguin and Deathstroke. Not because I could team up with Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman, and definitely not because I thought that rain graphics looked oh-so-good.

Batman Arkham Knight is my pick for GOTY 2015 because I am sucker for stories. And Arkham Knight delivered one of the best Batman-Joker stories I have seen in a LOOONG time. Not since the Killing Joke, or the Dark Knight Returns have I seen a Batman story which explored the relation and the psyche of Batman and his nemesis.

What's Better than being Batman. I will tell you: NOTHING
What’s Better than being Batman. I will tell you: NOTHING

Its like playing through a comic book, without ever reading the panels in the wrong sequence. For the first time it felt if I was in the mind of the Batman, and for that Rocksteady…BRAVO.

If you don’t like Batman (what’s wrong with you?). You can check out Pratyush who thinks he has a winner in Witcher 3. Or Saurabh who for some reason seem to think Fallout 4 is the GOTY 2015 (I know right..). But do check out the Must Play Games of 2015 that we have compiled for you and let us know what you think. And remember.

Always try to be yourself. Unless you can be BATMAN.


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