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Mario might have become one of gaming history’s most repetitive franchises, but it still has it’s charm, although very limited now.  We have seen iterations of Mario in 2D platforming, 3D platforming and even racing, now what’s next? It seems that a project on Itch.io has combined the 2D-platforming and the concept of No Man’s Sky in one game and the game is free at that. This makes me seriously wonder: What is Nintendo doing?


As you would have guessed, No Mario’s Sky is all about exploring planets Mario style- 2D style, killing Gombas (Lol). You get a ship on Planet 1-1 and then you are free to use it whenever you want without any hassle. There is no inventory system, neither is there any mining system (Of course). The game is purely gameplay and has an infinite planets to explore. It does not have any particular aim except finding the princess who is on another planet, and that’s all.


The game features a procedurally generated world and procedurally generated music as well (Though it is just different versions of the mario songs). The only gameplay aspect which I thought missing (Or couldn’t find) were the fireballs that Mario shoots when he gets powered up and the powerup that makes Mario bigger (He is always the same size and dies in one hit). The appearances of the alien Goombas are different, but behave the same (Duh). The GPS is provided in the bottom right and is labelled with all the nearby planets, which is a nice addition for the lack of FPS vision.


The game is built on the Unity Engine and the surprising thing about the game is that it just took 72 hours to build the game, though procedural content takes up a lot of the content. Anyways, this is a fun little game, which is about 20 MB and can be downloaded from here. Special note, the author’s of the game are ASMB Games.

What do you guys think about this game? It may not have the survival elements of No Man’s Sky but is still fun to play. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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