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Well I had seen this coming, especially on the PC. No Man’s Sky has been released only 3 days ago on the PC and people are already rummaging through it’s files, looking into nooks and crannies. According to NeoGaf user dragonbane, his friend and fellow GAFer Hugo Peters, extracted all the data and is digging through all of them. As of now many references have been discovered which are mentioned below.

Yes there is a poop effect in the game.
AOMBDcH - Copy
Indicates an Xbox version, which has already been somewhat in the air considering that Sean Murray isn’t exactly opposed to the idea. But this shows that it was planned beforehand, because Hello Games uses Havoc for its physics and the license included also entitles them to develop for Xbone.
According to the NeoGaf user, this might be the astronaut’s (Player’s) look.
The Half Life indications
It has been in development for a long time, so no wonder PS3 and Xbox 360 were planned.
Probably the model of our character

cOO72sr FnDEOas

The whole discussion can be found here. Hugo has been using a reversing tool for file formats and will release the tool after it has been cleaned up so others can take a look. This also opens up possibilities of modding in the future. This is all speculation, but well, it’s interesting. What’s your take on this on this. Let us know in the comments below.

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