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After fans asking how much of the storage No Man’s Sky will required, Sean replied on Twitter that size of game on disc is only 6 gigs. Yep! A ridiculously small 6GB. (Is is really a PS4 game!….duh)

Well, that’s really small compared to any other adventure games on PS4 and PC. Fans might also thinking – how could it be so small as the game said to have near-infinite universe? But its quite different than we’re thinking.

The game procedurally generates planets and creatures it’ll likely to need less space on hard drive as the assets of the game are being reused. This is done using some incredible algorithmic stuff. So, the whole credit goes to the programmers of the game that are responsible for this remarkable programming.

No Man's Sky also has procedurally generated creatures

Also, this is not the final size, it will increase as you install the game on PC. It is due to the highly compressed game files that will extract during installation of the game (duh! duh!)

In any case, that’s still a concerning thing for me. Judging from the game’s size it looks like the game is low on assets (and as Sean says “lot of that is audio”), although there are loads of different ways to create new out-of-the-box objects from a single asset (by changing some shaders and etc. etc.) However, I’m still hoping it’ll live up to that hype it created or else we will get another “it’s better than nothing” game (*cough* Mighty No. 9 *cough*).

As far as the other things goes, Sean also said that the game is been passed for EU and US in first attempt plus his team is already working on an update.

No Man’s Sky is one of this year’s most anticipated sci-fi exploration game being developed by a tiny indie studio Hello Games. And for god’s sake, it’ll finally meets its August 9, 2016 release date as the game has recently “gone gold”.

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