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Hello Games has revamped the entire universe in No Man’s Sky in their recent massive new free update Origins. The studio has been referring to Origins as Update 3.0 – all procedural variety has been doubled. It feels like a new game altogether! All player progress will be kept intact – the update is deemed ‘additional’ rather than changing elements in planets from the ground up which might mess up player bases. As mindboggling as that sounds, lets put that into perspective:

  • Some systems are now home to multiple stars
  • Landscape geometry has been overhauled with enhanced terrain rendering
  • User Interface has been refreshed
  • New alien flora and fauna will lead to a richer diversity
  • Cloud and weather variety with variance over time, with advanced atmospheric illumination
  • Fertile worlds now have swamps and marshes
  • Colour palette for planetary generation has been increased
  • Teleporters now show more information in an improved interface, with no interference
  • Revamped Photo mode with new filters
  • New colossal archival buildings with strange and lucrative repositories of alien history and culture
  • Some planets will have infestations of anomalous lifeforms and dangerous vegetative growth
  • Presence of abandoned and ancient settlements on dead islands
  • Active volcanoes and tectonic disruption
  • Firestorms on planets with extreme temperature
  • Storms and blizzards will provide buffs to Mining Beam, Exosuit and Jetpack
  • Streamlined crafting with new items and caches
  • New Mission Log acts as an efficient exploration guide to track down all details of a planet
  • Witness hazardous meteor showers and beautiful shooting stars
  • Anomalous planets can exhibit sudden gravitational shifts
  • Strong tornadoes can scoop up anything on their path
  • Beware of new lightning storms
  • Chances of encountering black market traders on planets
  • New wild robots
  • Multi-tool upgrades
  • Improved creature behaviour such as flocking, larger herd sizes and burrowing
  • HUGE Sandworms!

If you want to learn more, check out the detailed patchnotes on their website.

On a personal note, it has been 4 years since the launch of No Man’s Sky, and gamers have slowly fallen in love with Hello Games – for their effort to redeem themselves from a disastrous launch. They stuck with the game, provided regular updates, and we, at Gameffine, believe they deserve every bit of acclaim and praises that are being showered on them.

Founder Sean Murray, in a tweet, mentioned that Origins, just as the name sounds, is just the beginning.

Check out their fabolous update lineup:

No Man's Sky

At Gameffine, we have a long history of following this epic game – check out our detailed coverage through the years!

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