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Yeah, you read that right. Industry insider Daniel Ahmad took to Twitter to reveal some footage of some GameCube & Wii games running on Nvidia’s home console, the Shield TV that launches today in China.

Below is Nvidia’s official statement:

Extending the business relationship that brought NVIDIA technology to Nintendo Switch, some of Nintendo’s most beloved Wii and Nintendo GameCube titles are officially headed to China for the first time. New Super Mario Bros. Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and PUNCH-OUT!! are remastered in 1080p and available on the China version of NVIDIA SHIELD, released today.

SHIELD owners in China will be able to download and play select Wii and Nintendo GameCube titles, with others coming soon – among them,Super Mario Galaxy. These amazing games have been provided to NVIDIA under license.

Customized for the China market, SHIELD is a completely localized device, with local content, store, search and more. SHIELD will bring Chinese customers a brand-new experience in gaming, AI and home entertainment with Baidu’s DuerOS conversational AI system and abundant entertainment options from iQIYI.

Quite interesting. Considering that all three games have been reworked for the Shield controller, there are likely no motion controls.

The games will apparently cost RMB 68 (about $11) and the Shield TV is for RMB 1499 (about $226). Considering that this is a partnership between Nintendo and iQIYI to promote Nvidia’s system in China, they’re unlikely to be released anywhere else.

What do you think of this? Do you think it’s a good decision for Nintendo to launch their popular games on a third party system?

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