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New trailer released for ancient Indian action-adventure ‘Raji: An Ancient Epic’

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Nodding Heads Games and global publisher has released a brand new trailer of their upcoming game, Raji: An Ancient Epic, created especially for GDC. Raji, the protagonist of the game, can be seen traveling through intricate hand-painted environments while using her acrobatic abilities to combat demons of all shapes and sizes.

The trailer continues to reveal the entrancing yet terrifying world of the game in all its glory.

Raji: An Ancient Epic game was inspired by, and is imbued with, Hindu and Balinese mythology – and almost all of the pantheon of gods and demons are involved in Raji’s adventures. Though her adversaries are cunning and treacherous, Raji is brave and possesses a pure soul.

Watch the enchanting trailer below:

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action adventure game set in ancient India. Raji, a young girl is chosen by the gods to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm. Her destiny? Rescue her younger brother and face the demon lord Mahabalasura.

Key features:

  • Gorgeous visual art and hand-painted art style

  • A thrilling sibling story

  • Various bosses, all inspired by Hindu and Balinese mythological demons

  • Tough battles – and soothing puzzle-solving in one game!


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