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Super Daryl Deluxe, the RPGvania with an amazing brawler-style combat system and hand-drawn comic aesthetic from Dan & Gary Games, is all set to release on PlayStation 4 and PC in Spring 2018.

The awkward, one-of-a kind protagonist Daryl Whitelaw is new to Water Falls High School. It’s a perfectly normal multidimensional high school where each classroom is an alternate world based on the class subject, filled with creatures ranging from living instruments in Music class to Tree Ents in Literature. Ever thought what it’d be like if both Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan were in the same place at the same time? Well, while playing as Daryl you can find it out in History class.

As a perfectly normal teenager Daryl simply wants to make friends, but something strange is happening at WFHS. No one has seen the new principal. Students are missing. Classrooms have been shut down for weeks. Then there’s that weird little thing about a secret that nearly destroyed the world 40 years ago.

Daryl’s dumb luck leads him to a mysterious self-help book that gives him access to more than 45 powers ranging from slapping enemies silly with gargantuan fists to riding a shark into battle. These abilities can be customized and upgraded in the manner he likes in a flexible combat system with like a gazillion possible combinations and playstyles. You wanna shoot baddies with rubber ducky arrows and flatten them with a rhino hammer? You do you, buddy.

If the honor students guarding the classrooms prove too tough for a nerd like Daryl, he can complete side quests to increase his social rank, gaining new passive and powerful abilities. Or he could contrive together stuff he finds to make gear for himself. New equipment can strengthen Daryl, but he’s still gonna look like a worm wearing bell bottoms.

Daryl may not be the coolest kid in school, or anywhere near that, but it’s up to him to find out what’s happening at Water Falls and how it connects to whatever happened 40 years ago. Hopefully he gets a cool haircut along the way. Or some new pants. Or some friends. Probably not, though. After all, he should probably use his time saving everybody’s lives.

“With Super Daryl Deluxe, we can finally project our awkward high school memories onto all of our players,” said Gary Porter, Gary of Dan & Gary Games. “I mean, not really, because we were very handsome and strong and popular. Are you guys going to use this whole quote? Could you just leave the handsome part?”

Super Daryl Deluxe will be available Spring 2018 in English.

For more information please explore Dan & Gary Games’ official site.

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