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During this year’s Future Games Show the developers at MS Games showcased their latest production, Airport Sim. In this simulator players will assume the roles of the ground crew at one of four faithfully recreated plane terminals. They will be responsible for the maintenance of aircrafts and the passengers’ well-being – all this in various scenarios and realistic weather conditions.

What happens behind the scenes at airports? Your bag disappears on a conveyor belt and suddenly it appears (or not) at your final destination. The secrets of airports will be unveiled in Airport Sim – a simulator game in which we will be able to handle luggage, fuel up planes, use technical vehicles (e.g. jetways, tractors, “follow me” cars) and undertake any other ground crew tasks (e.g. assisting taxiing or the handling of special generators).

All activities follow a strict time schedule. Planning each action and finding the optimal workflow will allow passengers to safely travel to their destinations. But you can’t be prepared for every situation that might happen. Weather conditions and random events will keep even the best ground crew on their toes.

In the Campaign the player will be responsible for handling flights based on real timetables and will undertake all the necessary activities to keep the planes on schedule. In Free Play the ground crew will have to struggle against random events and adjust the weather conditions at their location.

MS Games collaborates with MK Studios – veterans of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s modding scene and experts on aviation rules. All terminals and tarmacs are based on real-life locations. Players may tour them in a separate Visitor Mode. Co-op mode will allow gamers to find new optimal ways to service planes and passengers with their friends’ assistance.

Airport Sim is a great sandbox for aviation fans. With Steam Workshop integration the game will allow users to create custom timetables, modify all vehicles and even create a brand new airline.

Main features:

  • Faithfully recreated airports: Vágar, Keflavik, Key West and Frankfurt (more to come later as DLCs);
  • Licensed technical vehicles, created based on real schematics and blueprints;
  • Most popular commercial aircrafts e.g. Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320 NEO;
  • Different gameplay modes: Campaign, Free Play, Co-op and Visitor Mode;
  • Real-life weather conditions were created using data from METAR (a weather report for aviation professionals);
  • Customizable weather conditions;
  • Faithful representation of the sun’s position in the sky based on geographical location, time and date;
  • Real ground crew tasks, recreated after numerous interviews and based on existing documentation and procedures;
  • Steam Workshop support – allowing to modify the machines and gameplay

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