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A couple of weeks after the free weekend on Steam, Quake Champions continues getting tweaks, balance updates as well as added optimization for the player rush following the Bethesda E3 conference.

The game will be getting Rename tokens for changing “that embarrassing tag from high school”, replacing with something trendy! Rename tokens are available for 33% off for the first month, and one Rename token is good for one name change.

The update also adds the Molten Falls, a new Goroth map from the Dimension of the Doomed. The Falls are rich with eye-catching vertical scenery, wide lanes and ample lines of sight to test the running and gunning skills. The Molten Falls is currently available in all Ranked and Unranked gameplay modes except Sacrifice.

A slew of changes, optimizations, some UI polish, bug fixes and tweaks also follow the additions, which helps improve game balance.

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