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New Patent for Dual Shock 5 reveals absence of light bar, wider handles and A USB C port

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Don’t change it if it ain’t broke. That has been the mantra behind Sony’s design of dual shock controller. They seem to be following in the same philosophy with Dual Shock 5, as a new patent by Sony revealed.

Sony has finally filed its patents for the new PS5 DualShock Controller with the Japanese patent office, giving us our first look at the next generation of hardware.

The design sketches – as first spotted by VGC   are more or less the same. The controller pictured in the patent features larger triggers, slightly smaller sticks, a USB port and no light bar.

However, there are more internal changes than external on the DS5. In an earlier report by Wired, one major improvement added to PS5’s controller is “adaptive triggers,” which SIE says can offer varying levels of resistance to make game mechanics such as shooting a bow and arrow—the tension increasing as you pull the arrow back—feel more realistic.

Here are the mockups from the patent below. Note that the astonishingly large clicky touchpad lives on.

Let’s know what you think of the new DS5 in the comments.

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