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Capcom’s critically acclaimed Monster Hunter World releases for the PC in a few days and Capcom’s WBacon has shared some details about the engine powering it, and explained why the game is CPU heavy.

Monster Hunter World is powered by the MT Framework Engine which was able to use multiple CPU cores/threads in the past.

While the MT Framework engine has been around for ages, it does a good job in distributing CPU cycles and load-balancing tasks across all available cores and threads” said WBacon and continued. “The engine itself is optimized for x86 CPU instruction set, is highly scalable, and loosely speaking, is platform agnostic regardless of PC or console platform so as long as it conforms to the x86 instruction set.”

“To eliminate interstitial loading during active gameplay, MHW loads the entire level into memory. In addition to managing assets loaded into memory, it keeps track of monster interactions, health status, environment/object changes, manages LOD & object culling, calculates collision detection and physics simulation, and tons of other background telemetry stuff that you don’t see yet requires CPU cycle. This is in addition to supporting any GPU rendering tasks.”


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