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A cryptic paragraph dropped on the official Overwatch site, which is likely done to set the stage for teasing a new hero or a new video on the lore of the universe. The paragraph is a letter to a F McManaway from a Trung Le Nguyen, both operatives for the Talon Organization, a supposed terrorist outfit dedicated to wiping out synthetic existence from the planet. The letter is about a log discovered about a Captain Cuerva and the missing members of his strike team which was dispatched to bring a former Talon medic Jean Baptise Augustin back to the organization or be done with him.

                                                                                           From the tone of the letter, Jean Baptise Augustin is the next big hero coming to Overwatch. Sure, he may not be a part of a Team Overwatch, but he’s a rogue Talon operative on the run, and that’s got to count for something. The paragraph also reveals that Augustin is a healer or support hero since the term ‘medic’ has been associated with him in the letter.

                                                                                              The teaser for the next big hero comes at a time many people have been seen complaining about a stale Overwatch meta, and there hasn’t been a worthy response from Blizzard about it so far. Dropping a new hero and tweaking how existing heroes work would certainly shake up the meta, paving the way for different play styles.

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