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The art, stories and gameplay of Neofeud are a reflection of my experiences as a STEM teacher for the underserved youth of Honolulu’s inner city. Teaching robotics, programming, and sustainability is an often difficult, stressful, and even Kafka-esque endeavor — being in one of the richest, most beautiful places on Earth, yet dealing with families with working parents, who are living out of a van, or sleeping on the street. It is hard trying to keep the kids out of gangs, off of drugs, and on a path towards better opportunities, such as the ones I had growing up in a slum area of paradise while going to an upscale private school.


  • 15+ hours of gameplay in an original dystopic sci-fi world and story
  • Tricky yet satisfying, point-and-click detective work, interspersed with tense action shootouts.
  • Handpainted, uber-gritty noir futureland

The game comes out on Steam on Sept 19 with a price tag of 15$ and is already out on Itch.io since March 25.

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