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Premier VOIP service Discord have launched their game store. Now players using Discord for teaming up can buy the games directly from the in-built store, built to revolutionize the concept of playing and buying games.

Boot up Discord, hit the Store button to hit up those sweet deals! Purchases can be booted up directly from the Discord library, a repository of all games bought on any gaming platform. The client works only on Windows at present, and supports only PayPal and international credit cards as valid payment details, so that’s that. Unsavoury purchases can be refunded if done within 14 days, and has less than two hours of play time. Gifting games is still a feature in testing, so be sure to vote on the Discord forums for the feature!

The question remains – how Discord will fit in the market where the leading customer choices for gaming clients are Steam, Origin and Uplay. Will Discord manage to dethrone Steam and take it’s place?

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