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Square Enix has released a brand new patch for Final Fantasy XV. Although it doesn’t add the highly requested extended modding tools, it does add some online features and fixes various bugs.

New Features

  • Alter Noctis’ appearance by speaking to Avatara behind Takka’s Pit Stop among other locations. Restore original look in [Main Menu] > [Online] > [Avatara] > [Restore Original Look].
  • If you alter Noctis’ appearance, the avatars of other players will be displayed on the field as a “ghost.”
  • New [Online Menu] with [Notifications], [Avatara], [User Photo], and [Play Records]
  • Official Treasure: Find Official Treasures, limited-time treasures that all user connected to the internet can acquire, and obtain rare items.
    • You will receive a notification announcing when the treasure is available.
    • There will be an announcement with the Winning Numbers. If the Sequence Number you get when you pick up the treasure matches a Winning Number, you’ll receive a special prize. Even if you don’t win, you’ll still receive a small reward.
    • The treasure notification will include details about which items you can get.
    • Treasure can be picked up once every day during the event period. The treasure location will change every time. Check the treasure notification for information about its location and go searching for it.
  • User Photos: You can now share photos you’ve taken with other players via the internet.
    • Shared photos will appear in the locations they were shot as User Photos.
    • Shared photos can be rated and given Likes. Rewards are given based on the number of Likes received. The rewards are determined based on the rewards table this is effective at the time the photo was shared. The rewards table is subject to change.
    • You can share up to 10 pictures at a time. If you are gone over the limit, the oldest photos will be swapped for the new ones selected.
    • Inappropriate photos can be reported by users and will be taken down if Square Enix verifies that the report was justified.
    • It may take time before your shared photos appear online.
    • Your photos may be unshared if you do not log in for a certain amount of time.
  • User Treasure: You can now leave out User Treasure for other players to discover under [Item Menu] > [Field Map] > [User Treasure].
    • Treasure you place will be shared with other users via the internet.
    • What loot you get from User Treasure depends on how long it had been left out before it was picked up. When someone picks up treasure you placed, you receive the same loot as them. Rewards are decided based on the reward table that is effective when the treasure is placed. The rewards table is subject to change.
    • You can place up to one treasure box in one day. You will not be able to place any more when you reach the limit. The limit resets at 19:00.
  • Adjust online content options in [Pause] > [Options] > [Online Content] > [Online Content Features], [Online Content], [Avatar Names]. Specific online content cannot be turned on or off.

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes.

Known Bugs

  • After speaking to Avatara, you cannot exit out without creating an Avatar.
  • Grammatical error in “User Treasure feature has been added.”
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