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In what seemed to be a surprise, I received a mail from Relic Entertainment on a  survey that took the player’s opinions into account about a future Company of Heroes game. The survey asks general questions about the player’s taste in games, about the new features that they craved to see in the next Company of Heroes, and about the player’s taste in cooperative gameplay.

The email from Relic Entertainment, requesting the owner to fill in a survey about their taste in the Company of Heroes games.

This does mean a new Company of Heroes game is in the works! This is indeed good news for an RTS fan like me, but an official confirmation would be better. However, the survey does reveal :

  1. The new Company of Heroes game will have some additional features which haven’t been a part of the two older Company of Heroes games.
  2. Cooperative mode, or a few players playing together will be a significant part of the game.

Some questions about the campaign itself also say that they are trying to redesign the campaign to suit the player’s needs, while adding new multiplayer modes for the players to have fun in.


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