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Solid9 Studios’ tactical turn based RPG, Exorder, has got a new trailer.Exorder is one of those not overly-complicated turn-based games with simple rules and dangerous depths. You take over buildings and money is awarded for buying units during the battle. Every unit’s turn consists of movement and attack or use of a special skill.

The single player mode is a bit like X-Com. The campaign consists of twelve missions linked by a fantasy-style story about three neighboring countries and a game of the throne after the deceased king. Get ready for sharp turns of action and unlocking new units.

The two-player mode is a bit like chess. When players know the units’ special skills and you know when to buy them, you can focus on thinking about how not to waste any of your turns. Predict your opponent’s movements, counter and set tactical traps. Try different styles of combat and resource management.

12 surprise missions in single player campaign
Two-player skirmishes offline and online, casual or with global leaderboard
10+ unit types with crazy skills
Control the game how you wish: mouse and keyboard, gamepad, or touch screen

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