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In our quick release preview of NBA 2K17, we were impressed by what little we saw of the game. After one week with the game, If we can sum up this review in 1 phrase then, NBA 2K17 is :

Totally Worth It.

NBA 2K17

Detailed Review

This ladies and gentlemen is NBA 2k17, this year’s only Triple-A Pro Basketball game. It’s a sports title so it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But to the gamers who actually enjoy sports games ,or basketball games, this right here is an example of a basketball game done right. Now, do not think that its perfect because nothing is truly perfect. But NBA 2K17 is definitely a step in the right direction.


Let’s rewind a little bit real quick. See ever since I can remember I have been a NBA Live guy and for the past few years I have not been happy with what EA had been dishing out. It was not innovative, and it was getting stale really quick. The first time I tried the 2K series was when I tried NBA 2K15 (The 2K WWE series might have had something to do with it). And I have been a 2K guy ever since.

NBA 2k17 improves on the same concepts of its predecessors. Developed by the same guys Visual Concepts, this game offers everything that have been offered to us in previous NBA 2k games and adds more on top of that.


When you start the game, you are asked to create a NBA 2k Player account. After that you create your own MyPlayer, and oh! boy the creation suite is HOT. Giving you options from Changing Vitals to Scanning your face , sculpting front and side and adding features. Ever Wondered how you’ll look like as an basketball pro? This game is your chance to make that thought come true. This however is not the most unique part of the game as we have seen similar creation suite in NBA 2k16 and WWE 2k16.

The different modes in NBA 2K17
The different modes in NBA 2K17

As we progress and finish up with creating our player, we are finally thrown into the Main Menu. Game Offer Modes like , Play Now (Quick Matches,Multiplayer,Practice, and many other modes) Where every mode works smoothly, almost like 2k16. Making your own Team in MyTEAM or Indulging into a little fantasy fun of MyGM and MyLEAGUE. 2KTV is new, and is essentially and Online Streaming mode, which is made of 2kTV Episodes where you can redeem in-game stuff too.

The NBA 2KTV mode
The NBA 2KTV mode

But what takes the cake for me is the MyCAREER mode, which truly makes you feel like a part of game, almost like living a life as a basketball pro from being a young college kid to entering Hall of Fame. The story mode starts with you in college and at the verge of becoming a Pro Basketball Player. Its a very Realistic storytelling, at-least I haven’t played anything like this before.

The MyCarrer modes involves choosing your college, giving interviews, socializing and of course playing and winning basketball games. The mode feels like a complete suite of the highs and lows of a newly recruited basketball player.

The Graphics, sounds and gameplay is all spot on. A true AAA
The Graphics, sounds and gameplay is all spot on. A true AAA

Controls are quite simple and like NBA 2k16, if you’re new to series it will take a little time to get better, my only suggestion is play it with a controller because Keyboard controls are messy. Gameplay wise little changes, and contrary to what most gamers say, this familiarity is what most sports fan buy these games year on year. There is instant replay option which works like a PHOTO MODE to capture the in-game screenshots.

The game also includes upto 40 tracks that make up great adrenaline pumping music during your playtime, without feeling repetitive (Hope WWE 2K17 pick that up).


This game has great optimization on PC and looks pretty good visually, it uses the same engine used in the previous WWE 2k and NBA 2k games, maybe a modified version of that. And the only one Glitch that I faced during the 100 odd games that I had played, was where Future’s body Disappeared. Other than that, this game has been a joy ride and i am looking to invest much more time into it.

The only glitch we had during our extensive run of the game
The only glitch we had during our extensive run of the game



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