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NBA 2K 17 aimed to offer the best NBA 2K experience ever. In our first few hours with the game, they sure are coming good on their promises.

The NBA 2K 17 has a player creation suite which is heavily borrowed from its publisher cousin WWE 2K series (which is not a bad thing at all). The face scanning app that lets you scan your face, and overlay it onto your created basketballer is perhaps the best example of it.

The MyCareer mode is a grind (another callback to WWE 2K16, hope this doesn’t become a thing), but the intricacies of Basketball and the variable dynamics of each game make them more meaningful than your regular squash matches in WWE.

Performance wise I think the PC crowd will be happy to know that the game is well optimized. In our limited play-through the game ran smoothly at full HD maxed out on 970 GTX. There were no glitches or bugs, and we will keep you updated if that changes.

We will be going through the multiplayer and the rest of the game in detail, and have a review ready by Sunday. Till then, rest assured 2K has slam dunked this pretty well. So if your are looking to buy the game here is a handy link.


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