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Roster switches are a common thing in CS:GO. Replacing older players for newer ones have often proved to be beneficial for E-Sports teams. This permits the teams to consolidate their position and move fourth with even greater strength. New players get to meet other members of the team, they accustom themselves to their play styles and exchange their strats and experience. These attempts have often proved to be fruitful(the EnvyUS team switch for instance).

Following the Na’Vi team switch, it looks like Mousesports, one of the top CS:GO teams, have spared no effort regarding the matter.

A few hours ago, Mousesports’ official twitter page tweeted out confirming a roaster switch between one of their top tier CS:GO players, Denis “denis” Howell and Martin “STYKO” Styk(the leading player of Hellraisers).

STYKO, being the zealous lad he is, fervently quoted on this occasion, “I am very pleased with the opportunity to be part of mousesports and rejoining with my former teammate Oskar and my former coach. We will have a rather busy schedule during the few months but I am sure we will mix well within the team in terms of in-game roles and personalities.”

It is sad to see denis, who has been the face of the team for such a long time depart from Mousesports. His achievements will never be forgotten and shall continue to live in our memories like an immortal dream which will persistently inspire and galvanize the audience for long.

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