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Microsoft seems to have some big plans for this year’s gamescom event. They’ll be showing some new videos for already announced games and , hopefully, will be sharing more info about Xbox One X.

When asked about Xbox One X pre-order details by a fan on Twitter, Phil Spencer tweeted “We’ll share more info on this tomorrow”. That means gamers don’t have to wait too long to secure the Xbox One X console for themselves. The pre-order details will be shared by Microsoft tomorrow.

Phil also expressed that the current list of games that will support Xbox One X is “exceeded what [he] thought”. There are loads of games that are yet to announce 4K compatible, including some of Xbox’s first part games. It’s great to see Microsoft making games Xbox One X-ready before console’s release.

Additionally, Microsoft will be “doing something [they] haven’t done in awhile at Gamescom”, according to Phil. The event will be “different from what fans expect”, added he.

And at last, when one fan asked about possible Xbox One X patch for already released games, to which Spencer replied: “Yes you will hear about more games supporting X at Gamescom”.

Be that as it may, a week ago, we reported that ReCore is getting a Definitive Edition after all, and the game’s official Twitter handle finally tweeted by ensuring that there’s going to be some announcement happening on August 20.

All in all, be prepared for something big during Microsoft’s gamescom showcase.

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