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The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has taken the unprecedented move of denying access to the entire Steam store in Malayasia, following the discovery of a controversial fighting game involving religious deities called Fight of Godst , it features religious deities such as Odin, Amaterasu, Moses, and Guan Gong in an arcade-style fighting game, but it was the recent additions of characters such as Jesus and Gautama Buddha that raised the eyebrows of the authorities. Fan requests for the Prophet Muhammad to be added in added fuel to the fire.

MCMC has deployed a DNS block to the store.steampowered.com domain, affecting all Malaysians using the TM DNS. Some users trying to access the store on Digi and Maxis have also reported being denied access.

The MCMC has contacted Valve and requested that Fight of Gods be geoblocked for Malaysians within the next 24 hours, or risk further action being taken. This DNS block appears to be that action, although it must be said that it’s a rather crude one, as it denies Malaysians from buying any game on the platform.

That said, you still can play games on Steam; only the store has been blocked.

Nevertheless, the DNS block can be circumvented by switching to Google DNS. On Windows.

The Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak has said that the action against Steam was done to protect Malaysians and to prevent untoward incidents. According to the Malay Mail, this latest action was taken because Steam had failed to comply with the 24 hour ultimatum delivered by the ministry yesterday and when Steam noticed what was going on ,it had geo-blocked Fight of Gods. It no longer appears on the Steam store when accessed from Malaysia, Based on the data provided by SteamDB, Valve geo-blocked the game from the Steam Store at around 4pm Friday, Malaysian Time.

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