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Last month, Steam hit 15 million concurrent users, and the peak got even higher this past Monday, with a total of 16,149,089 players simultaneously signed in according to SteamCharts. Of course, this can be directly related to PUBG’s growth who’s peak player is inching towards 2 million concurrent users.

The growth of both, Steam as well as PUBG is surprising considering the pace at which it’s going. It seems that PUBG is really pulling players towards the platform, be it gamers or non-gamers and is reaching various corners of the non-gaming world. This is in-spite of the game getting bombarded with negative reviews because of in-game ads and having an overall 62% positive rating.

What do you think about the massive increase in the concurrent userbase of both Steam and PUBG going hand in hand? Let us know in the comments below.

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